Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

“Contribute customers and society by our business.”

Conduct Guidelines

Customer satisfaction comes first
“Be strong” “Be Cheerful” “Be Fair”

Management Philosophy

We aim for being necessity of the customers and society with
responding the customers’ variety of needs accurately,
providing the original, qualified, reliably used products
continually and willingly contributing to the environment.

We Ogawa sangyo carry out various tasks based on

The following mission.
We provide the products and services that

can be satisfied and impressed, and

being flexible with the change of times.
We also focus on the enviroment issues.

Trust & Intimacy

We attempt to built the close relationship with suppliers, community, and employees.

Swiftly & Accurately

We attempt to be flexible with rapidly changing world,

and continuously supplying the products that match the needs accurately.

Stability & Continuity

We attempt to make the supplier and community stable, provide the good quality and reasonable products reliably used.

Innovation & Progress

We attempt to develop not only our custmers but also the socitey by providing the well-selected and innovative products.

Environment & Reduction

We attempt to reducing the things as hard as possible for helping the polluted environment return into the beautiful earth.